A pioneering a New Way To Naturally Age Well, the The Zone Face Lift, dubbed the ‘Spiritual Facelift’ has created the world’s first rejuvenating elixir to use sacred plants and crystals to renew and lift the skin.

The result is a silky elixir that helps dramatically smooth out wrinkles, protects and repairs the skin and applied as a skin and spirit lifting ritual, it smudges the aura and turns the mundane into the magical.

All our products are Vegan Friendly & Cruelty Free and are made in the UK by hand not by machines. We use 100% Organic & Natural Ingredients which are ethically sourced and traceable.

For more information consult this website: https://zonefacelift.com


 70 minutes of pure indulgence that will leave your mind calm and your face glowing 


Zone Face Lift treatment - 75€

Card of 6 treatments - 390€


Your 70 minute Reflexology treatment includes

• A preliminary talk to discuss your health

• A relaxing hot towel treatment

• A complete Zone Face Lift treatment

For best results follow the recommended 12 week program.


3 day Zone Face Lift Treatment

 Hydrate, Detox and Lift!

For a quick fix follow my 3 day program for glowing results.

3 day program - 190€